2012 Coppa Italia Final – The Shoutbox – By Fans. For Fans. (May 14-20)

The Shoutbox – By Fans, For Fans is your all-week open Juve-debate, no restrictions, no boundaries. Share what you want, say what you want, and face the diverse music of the global choir of Juventini! We want to hear your thoughts on all things Black & White! The idea behind The Shoutbox is that YOU direct the conversation. So bring it on!

One Last Thing To Take Care Of…

How excited are you for Sunday’s Coppa Italia match?

  1. How important is the 2012 Coppa Italia final to you as a fan?
  2. How important is Coppa Italia final to Antonio Conte?
  3. How do you rate Napoli after this season? How great a threat will they be on Sunday?
  4. Who would you rather see at Juve next season: Marek HAMSIK, Edinson CAVANI, or Ezequiel LAVEZZI?
  5. When Inter Milan hand over their Coppa Italia badges, do they wash them first? Or do the new winners wash it off themselves? Does Inter dirt come off easily?.. Wait, is Moratti calling my phone right now?

Share your thoughts on Coppa Italia (or any other topic you want to address) in the comments below.

Rant about the bizarre insane bat-shit-crazy Azzurri call-ups, or rave about Borriello’s brand-spanking new 10-year-contract deal (WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT WAS JUST A DREAM?!)

We want to hear you, so *Hulk Hogan hand-to-ear*:



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