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Welcome to the JuventiKnows AUTHORS page! Below you will find a list of the merry bunch that keeps the site running!

If you would like to contact any of us, please use the CONTACT FORM located at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you can also send us a message on Twitter.


Aaron Giambattista
Role: Editor, Co-Founder
Specialties: Reviews, Previews, Opinion Pieces, STTBS
Twitter: @agiamba
Website: /

A JuventiKnow born-and-raised in the United States, originally from Chicagoland and the wonderful world of Upstate New York (Rochester). Transplanted down in the good ‘ole south in New Orleans since, erm, pretty much Katrina (he makes wise decisions), with a jaunt across the pond in Madrid as an exchange student. Currently working in IT while doing a night-time MBA.

Bringing Juventus to the English-speaking fans has been Aaron’s passion, as Italian is probably not at the top of most people’s list of important languages to learn. That’s what led him to be long-term writer for the Juventus Offside community (2008-10) as well as founding the first English-language Juventus podcast in 2010, It Ain’t Over Till the Old Lady Sings.

Always dreaming of a home for English-speaking Juventini, in the Summer of 2011 that dream was realized. And who better to join Aaron in writing informed, educated opinion pieces about Juve than his podcast co-hosts? JuventiKnows was born.

In addition to match previews & reviews, Aaron specializes in opinion pieces (especially player profiles) here at JuventiKnows. He professes an undying love for Paolo De Ceglie and utter hatred for his predecessor, Salerno-native Cristian Molinaro (a fact which has caused him and Marco to butt heads on many occasions).



Adam Digby
Role: Editor, Co-Founder
Specialties: Youth Sector, Reviews, Previews, Opinion Pieces
Twitter: @adz77
Website: Il Tifosi

Italian football journalist based in Turin, contributor to Sports Illustrated, In Bed With Maradona, Calcio Italia magazine, World Soccer and ESPN Soccernet.

Born in the year la Vecchia Signora won her first International trophy, witness to the triumph and tragedy of Heysel, lo Scudetto di Fortunato, the glory of Rome, the pain of Calciopoli, and the purgatory of Serie B. Forever loyal.

Respected contributor to a wide variety of online soccer publications and with an extensive online following, Adam divides his time between his native Bradford (England) and the lovely city of Turin. Being the only member of the crew who can not only attend Juventus Stadium matches, but also training sessions at Vinovo, Adam is the envy of… the picture his JK co-workers have pinned on the dartboard.



John Cascarano
Role: Editor
Specialties: Previews, Opinion Pieces, TeamEATS
Twitter: @Cascarano
Website: /

Born the year Italy stitched their third star on the Azzurri shirt, John has been writing about calcio for over a year now. He began at the Juventus Offside, and took over when Aaron left to co-found JK. He has since contributed to Goal.com and SB Nation, and guided the Offside through its transition over to the SB Nation blog – Black & White & Read All Over.

Drawing on themes from other writers, John is equal parts philosophical & analytical, cynical & optimistic, opinionated & self-deprecating – dichotomies as noticeable as the Black & White stripes he adores – while he also enjoys peppering in pop-culture and music references. He also likes to ramble. And complain. A lot.

As if he wasn’t cynical or hateable enough already, John is a lawyer by trade, consistent with his personal masochistic tendencies. While the good Lord made him a New Jerseyan, his father made him a Juventino. A dual citizen, he will throw his Italian passport in your face to mask his sparse command of Dante Alighieri’s language.



Lars Aabjerg Pedersen
Role: Editor, Co-Founder
Specialties: Previews, Reviews, Opinion Pieces, Philosophical Ramblings
Twitter: @LarsPedant
Website: Pondering Calcio

Proud Juve and calcio fan since 1990, M.A. in Modern Culture & Philosophy, Lars tends to write long strange posts that get way too personal – all part of his charm though.

Other of Lars’ fine work can be found at Pondering Calcio, a site which he co-created with his friend Thorbjørn Thaarup. He has otherwise polluted numerous other neat sites, such as The Equaliser and SerieAWeekly.

Lars hails from the country that gave Juventus legends such as Hansen, Præst, Laudrup and, erm… Poulsen, Sørensen, and erm… Bendtner: the Kingdom of DENMARK (Kongeriget Danmark in Viking language).

Other than contributing on Previews, reviews and penning various Opinion Pieces, Lars’ specialty on JuventiKnows is indubitably putting all things Bianconero into a larger philosophical context. Namely the long-term ramifications of wins, draws, and losses on existentialism and the hindmost goal of finding the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything (it’s not “42″, but lies somewhere between those Black & White stripes)…



Marco Pantanella
Role: Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder
Specialties: Editing, Art & Image Research, Reviews, Play-by-Play
Twitter: @MarcoPantanella
Website: mCalcio.com

Freelance journalist, entrepreneur, writer, amateur player and semi-professional referee, Marco has centered his life around the beautiful game. Founder of the mCalcio blog in 2007, his life in the world of blogging has grown exponentially since.

Occupying posts as diverse as Soccerlens Editor-in-chief, Del Piero Offside blogrunner, and “It Ain’t Over Till the Old Lady Sings” podcast co-host over the years, Marco has been a juventino sfegatato since a very early age. The arrival of Antonio Conte and beginning of a new adventure on JuventiKnows in July 2011 has made him very excited about the future, both in the real and the virtual world.

Marco was born in Germany (ja!), has lived in Paris, France for 10 years and moved to Montreal, Canada in 2000. He’s been living among Canucks & French-Canadians ever since. The majority of his family hails from Salerno, Italy.

Marco occupies the role of Editor-in-Chief at JuventiKnows. Every article published on the site is perused by his attentive eyes. He makes necessary edits, researches supporting images, and does occasional PhotoShop work (e.g. here, here and here). He also pens the Play-by-Plays you see in match reports, and helps Mike with WordPress-related site administration.



Mike DG
Role: Webmaster, Editor, Co-Founder
Specialties: Site Maintenance & Design, Artwork, TeamEATS, STTBS
Twitter: @TeamGREASE
Website: TeamGREASE.com

Professionally an Art Director, Juventus lover, food enthusiast. Unprofessionally a jackass.

Mike is responsible for the site’s design, most of the special art pieces you see around here, as well as incorporating random bits of pop culture into his STTBS pieces (Michelangelo IS the best turtle, no point in debating).

Mike is also an excellent chef. He has literally created his own Juventus-themed cookbook since the website’s inception.

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