The Pirlo Goal Controversy – The Shoutbox – By Fans. For Fans. (Aug 27-Sep 2)

Mo’ wins, mo’ problems. – The Notorious B.I.G.

On Saturday, for the Juventus season-opener at home to Parma, special guest Seventh Official Sulley Muntari was at the match in Torino to volunteer his time and stay behind Juve’s net to make sure no irregularities would occur.

Sadly, according to Mr. Muntari, there were irregularities.

Regarding the incident at the 58th minute, the Ghanaian was appalled at the call to award Andrea Pirlo the goal, stating:

Clearly the ball was almost two feet from where my ball landed in the box, and if *my* ball didn’t cross the lin,e then Pirlo’s ball wasn’t even in the penalty area.

Luckily we here at JuventiKNOWS have undeniable photographic evidence clearly proving that Muntari’s strike last season NEVER CROSSED THE LINE:

Yet the controversies just don’t stop.

After the referee (correctly) awarded a penalty for a foul on a Lichtsteiner the linesman (wrongly) saw onside, and after the tough (but ultimately correct) call by the goalmouth referee to award Pirlo his goal, we all knew what the comments would be from the biggest mouths in Serie A…

Whether it comes from Napoli fans players management who think that playing football like disgraceful butchers should not warrant red cards, to a farce of a sporting judicial system that suspends a man for 10 months without any evidence, to Inter TIM telecom Italia FIGC ALL OF THE ABOVE who started a media-driven “trial” to destroy Italy’s strongest football club and cripple Italian Calcio, we all know this is nothing new and that controversy and slander will be hurled at Juventus all season long.

I think I’ve stirred the pot enough, but what do YOU think?

Share your opinions on any recent controversies (take your pick), or thoughts on next week’s match (Sunday at Udinese), or speculations on whether or not AC Milan’s backline would actually be BETTER by signing Marco Motta before the transfer window closes.

We want to hear you (not Sulley Muntari), so comment below and…



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