As you are no doubt aware, we are in the middle of ADP Week here on JuventiKnows, a five-day homage to the greatest player in Juventus history. As we all still attempt to come to grips with the fact our beloved #10 has left the club, you have shed tears over the photo galleries, touching tributes, and wonderful video clips that have tried to fill that gaping Ale-shaped hole into our lives.

Here’s one more treat: a special edition of the ‘It Ain’t Over Till the Old Lady Sings’ podcast, exclusively and 100% dedicated to il Capitano.

And when we say special, boy do we mean it! This episode is filled with discussion on our fondest memories of Del Piero, our hopes for his future, and some nostalgic trips down memory lane as we talk about what Ale meant to us. The mood takes a somber turn as we look back on the ham-fisted manner of Del Piero’s departure and – after unanimously condemning the execution of the move – debate whether or not letting him go was the right decision, especially on the eve of Juve making a return to UEFA Champions League action.

Aaron was sadly unable to join us due to work commitments, meaning Marco stepped into the pod host’s chair, supplying the questions (and the drinks) for Lars, Mike, and John. The subject of the pod was so important even Adam made an appearance, after a long-time absence!

We hope you will download, listen, and enjoy this episode as much as we loved recording it.

Aaron, Adam, John, Lars, Marco, and Mike


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