JuventiKnows Exclusive: JuventiKnows’ Aaron Giambattista Speaks with Paul Pogba

The Juventus social media team has been doing incredible work ever since their debut on social networks just a short time ago. The team produces excellent YouTube videos and updates Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and a host of other ways to find out what’s going on in Torino.

I was personally given the pleasure recently of joining a video chat with Paul Pogba, thanks to the social media outreach. It was a real delight- Paul was friendly and looked like he was really enjoying his time with us. Pogba answered about a dozen questions or so, both in English and Italian (translated immediately on video) revealing a number of things- what his favorite food is, his favorite music, where he got his idea for penalties from, and a variety of other topics.

I’d like to reiterate my thanks to the Juventus social media team for having me on, but without any more introduction, below are two videos featuring the video interview with Paul Pogba!

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