Juventus Fans Meet & Greet – JuventiKNOWS Community

One of my favorite things about being a Juventus fan is how I have brothers and sisters all around the world, sharing the same passion and love for Juve. We may be separated by oceans, languages, politics, or cultures but we all have the same Black & White vision for the beauty and majesty that is Juventus Football Club. An important part of what we at JuventiKNOWS hope to achieve with this project is to bridge barriers and bring Juve fans together.

That’s why we started this website, and that’s why we want to learn more about you. Answer the questions below and let’s all learn a little bit more about each other.

Thank you and FORZA JUVE!

  1. Where are you from? What nationality are you? Where are you living now?

  2. What do you do for a living? (Or what’s your major, if you’re a student) How old are you? (general time frame is fine if you don’t want to be specific!)

  3. How did you become a Juventus fan? When did you start following Juve?

  4. Who are your 3 favorite players of all time? Favorite player never to play for Juve? Who’s the best player of all time?

  5. Who’s your favorite current Juventus player? Favorite former Juventino? Least favorite Juventino of all time?

  6. Favorite Juve moment? Least favorite Juve moment? Favorite sports moment of all time?

  7. Favorite music/movies/hobbies?

  8. Do you play football? If so, what position? What other sports do you like? What other teams (of any sports) do you like?

  9. If you’re on Twitter, share your username with the rest of us so we can all “watch” Juve matches together!

  10. What is more important for you this season: Serie A or Champions League?


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