Presenting the JuventiKnows crew… +1!

Nearly a year after the launch of our website (yes, we’re quite slow like that…) something has dawned on us here at JuventiKnows! Wouldn’t YOU, our readers, want to know a little bit more about those who are actually providing the articles you read?

Quintessential questions: who’s doing what on the website? Why are they doing it? And more importantly, how are they doing it? (hint: as no money is involved as of yet, the answer to that would be con amore… i.e. ‘with love’)

Thus, we would like present to you a brand new page. A place where – if you are so inclined – you can read a little bit about the men behind the site, where their expertise and passions lie, and how to contact them individually (no trolling, please!)

Without further ado, please welcome…




Oh but hang on there! Reading through the Authors list… what’s this? Could it be? Could that which has been whispered in select circles finally prove to be true?! Could the original JuventiKnows party of five have been enlarged and enriched by another member!?!

That’s right people. Just as our beloved Old Lady will have to prepare herself for life in the European elite once again, and do so by adding to an already quality squad, we here at JuventiKnows have decided to do strengthen our line-up too.

Unlike the often rough and risky business of the ‘real’ calciomercato, we have fortunately been able to hand-pick our addition of choice (almost) without having to fend off the greedy merchants of the business. Manchester City FC did try to swoop in with suitcase full of cash on the table, but our man’s enduring love for Juventus (and for the cheapest, most excellent of puns) practically drove him into our longing arms.

Have you guessed it yet? You may have come across his writing on such renowned blogs as the Juventus Offside and… whatever the hell the new thing is called now. He’s a cool cat, a bit of an eccentric, a massive New Jerseyist, as well as a fine lawyer (so back off, haters). He likes long strolls on the beach, meaningful conversations, partisanship, has questionable taste in music and even worse inclinations in American pop culture.

Oh yes, our new man…

…and more.

Ladies and gentlemen! We present to you: a Brilliant Master of Words and Honorable Member of the (soon to be restored) Empire of Juventini, well-known and loved Purveyor of Insightful Madness, the One and Only Mr… John Cascarano!

Yes, take a moment to soak in the ecstasy and elation. Indulge and enjoy O Juventini! Not only have we achieved immense success on the field (with much more to come), but by completing our writing staff with one more lethal man of letters we have ensured to be fully capable of facing all the challenges that lie ahead.

So never mind waiting for the Agüeros, the Dzekos, or whatever “Top-Player” Marotta may have his eyes on. We at JuventiKnows, we already got our…

John’s first contribution here will be up shortly in the shape of (what will undoubtedly be) a wonderfully unique take on the upcoming Novara game.

Let’s give him a good   ♫ Chi non salta rossonero è ♫   welcome, shall we?


[mp3j track="Chi non salta rossonero è... è...@http://juventiknows.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Chi-non-salta-rossonero-e_Juventus-2-0-Milan-02.10.2011.mp3"]


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