Presenting the JUVENTUS MUSEUM

A new era is in the starting blocks. Juve’s newest addition to the ever-growing phenomenon that is Juventus Stadium has a name: JUVENTUS MUSEUM, the club’s official museum located on the Eastern side of the stadium (and a mere stone’s throw away from the Area12 shopping centre) has had its official unveiling earlier this week.

  • Arranged over an area of 1,500 m2
  • Entirely bilingual (Italian & English)
  • Enhanced by the extensive use of multimedia facilities
  • Features educational sections on Italian history, mapping the club’s evolution alongside the most significant events of the past century.

For the grand opening, president Andrea Agnelli brought along the Scudetto trophy, the 30th and that of the third star according any respectable Juventino fan, but still only 28th according to the Italian soccer federation & Lega Calcio. It is thus no coincidence that FIGC president Giancarlo Abete declined the invitation to the ribbon cutting, to avoid further controversy, polemic, and the assorted (extremely likely) booing.

Alongside president Agnelli, dg Beppe Marotta, councillor Pavel Nedved, president of J-Museum Paolo Garimberti, and celebrity “ex” Edgar Davids, the entire Juventus team was present, in addition to a few old glories of Juve history: Bettega, Ferrara, Cuccureddu, Morini, Tacconi, Ravanelli, Furino, Bonini, Mauro, Brio, Anastasi, Torricelli… This year’s “Trophy of Pride” (with a fierce display of the number 30) ended up in the trophy room, dubbed the “trophy temple” for the occasion, alongside all other titles the club has won.

The Juventus Museum strikes me for all the stimuli it gives you, for all the great moments given by Juventus and the strength the team has shown throughout its history,” said Fiat and Exor chairman, John Elkann. “It’s the culmination of an incredible week: the party for the Scudetto, ending the season unbeaten, the dinner with the team yesterday at Villar Perosa, which we had promised if we won something.” Elkann said that the part which has him most excited in the museum is the Trophy Room. “Qualifying for Europe helps, as with the stadium, to build our future during a remarkable moment for the club.

The J-Museum is a beautiful collection of antiques, vintage jerseys, memorabilia, historical images: Black & White fragments of life “embedded” in the tale of the history of Italy. “The history of our country has become intertwined with the history of what is not just Turin’s team but the team of Italy.

There is also a sort of time machine where you live out the game from within, in close virtual contact with Juve’s ultracentennial history. You play hide and seek among vintage videos, yellowed by age, and interactive high-tech. Necessary also, a space dedicated to the Heysel tragedy, with a totem remembering the 39 victims. Their relatives have been invited to the inauguration and have received a lifetime admission to the museum.

Further down, the Juventus Hall of Fame, scale models of the stadiums, the 36 jerseys of players with most match appearances (from Peruzzi’s 301 to the 704 of current record-holder Alex Del Piero), the area dedicated to the Ballon d’Ors and great coaches, and the possibility to be photographed next to one’s idol (from Omar Sivori all the way to Gigi Buffon: modern-day miracles of Photoshop…)

And continuing: the touchscreen encyclopedia, an area dedicated to the fans (11 million in Italy, 38 million in Europe, 180 million worldwide), the ball of the last Scudetto (the one they used at Stadio Nereo Rocco of Trieste against Cagliari), the famous bench of Corso Re Umberto. And Calciopoli? The story is summed up eloquently on a panel titled: “From heaven to hell and back”.

The structure designed by studio Camerana & Partners (in collaboration with Studio Dedalo) and headed by Paolo Garimberti (president of RAI but more importantly, a Juventino DOC), opened its doors to the public on Thursday. Predictably several months of “sold out” await, after similar records registered by the Juventus Stadium match tickets and the Stadium Tours. “This museum brings us on par with our major European competitors,” says Agnelli proudly. Indeed, with this museum Juve have reached in all respects the standards of the big international football teams, most notably Barcelona who boast the highly visited ​Nou Camp museum: one million visitors a year at €22 per ticket.

Numbers that Juve dream of replicating.


Emotion by Juventus standards is always directed towards ‘tomorrow’: for me the greatest joy is the one that is yet to come. But this museum is something extraordinary for Juventini and for all sport enthusiasts, because it tells the story of one of the most important football clubs in Italy. The history of this club, of this company is intertwined with the history of my family, which since 1923 has collected some thirty Scudetti. There are extraordinary memorabilia here, donated by protagonists and collectors alike. Technical objects and objects of worship, from which you can experience the evolution of football, along with a documentary entitled “Fino alla Fine” (Until the End) which covers the history of Juventus as if it were a football match.


It’s true, this museum felt like taking a dip in the past for me because it recalled many memories of happy times during which we won a lot. I must say it is a great initiative for young people, so that they can learn about the history of Juventus. My other ‘squadra del cuore’, Ajax, has already had a museum for a few years now, but it’s a bit different because unlike Juve, Ajax’s musem is at the center of the city of Amsterdam. (…) I got to watch Juve’s matches this year and I must say that the great determination of the team was awesome, a real strength. In any case I think it is too soon to risk comparing this Juve with the team I was once part of.


Here you feel the scent of Juventus. It recognizes those who have brought Juve up and written pages of history. I am proud to be represented, honored to have my little space. I think I was part of something important with Juve and the national team, but my sporting life will go on for some years and I hope to contribute to fill these spaces with even more trophies.


The impression can only be positive, this museum depicts the history of Juventus, is unique and makes one realize the importance of wearing this shirt. It gave me a great charge. The room with the trophies is truly special and we know we must play in order to fill it. Early Sunday we will try to win another trophy with the Coppa Italia. Napoli is a great team; they aren’t enjoying a very happy moment, but in a single match there’s a lot that can happen. We are ready. The festivities are already behind us and the coach has prepared us in the right way.


I felt a great emotion and great satisfaction entering this museum. I think that is truly extraordinary. It gives you goosebumps. It was done with great class, like all the things made in Juventus. My pictures and my goals are definitely what gave me the most emotion. It is normal, all personal things get you excited but honestly, everything here is truly exciting.


Am I still too young to belong in a museum? I’m getting there! (laughs) Jokes aside, I think the museum in such a fantastic setting is a beautiful initiative. It’s nice to meet again with old classmates and friends this evening. (…) The trophy room has a striking visual effect, I’m glad that many of those cups I have at home as replicas. It’s all very special, there are many people today but I will definitely come back to see this museum under calmer circumstances. The story of the club is represented here, it’s been an enjoyable and exciting evening. It is often said that you should not live on memories, but these are indelibly marked and inerasable; sometimes looking at these we find the strength to emerge from years of difficulty, such as this club has always demonstrated to do.


With this museum, we want to make people understand that the history of Juventus is an integral part of football history and the country. This museum has the ability to combine tradition and therefore all objects, large objects, from jerseys to footballs, to great technology, so the chance to see wonderful video clips of times that maybe younger fans, but also those of my age, do not remember. I really enjoyed visiting it as a special preview last Sunday under calmer circumstances, and going to see for example, a team that I loved but never was able to see: that of Boniperti, Charles and Sivori. This enables someone who loves football, beyond Juventus, an extraordinary overview of the last 115 years. On the walls there are many phrases and they are very beautiful. I have not read them all, but there is one that belongs to l’Avvocato Agnelli that I agree with deeply. He said that whenever he saw the letter ‘J’ he always got excited. And whenever he saw black and white colors, even if it was Udinese’s, he felt a pang to his heart.

Sources: TuttoJuve and La Repubblica


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