Site News: Serie A Summer Break Blues


Ciao folks! It’s ya boy TeamGREASE here, checking in to see how you’re doing. Even if it may not be summer on your side of the planet, we’re all dealing with the boring Serie A summer break which is inching it’s way towards the start of a new season.

It’s been kinda slow on this site, so I thought I would catch you all up on a few things.

New Commenting System!

This summer we’re taking a break from using Disqus and trying out a new commenting system where readers like yourself can log-in via Twitter or Facebook. This site is run on WordPress and this “new” function is actually the default comment functionality included with the latest update. We’ll see how it goes, and can switch back to disqus if you guys miss it.


YO Where The F#^% is the Podcast?!?!

The podcast is NOT dead! We have definitive plans to bring it back this summer and continue strong into the next season on a CONSISTENT BASIS, as long as a few things fall in line (which they should). The main reasons the podcast has taken a back-seat are as follows:

a) The JuventiKNOWS Crew is busy! We have our own real jobs and personal lives, plus we all live across 3 different times zones which makes scheduling a specific time when all of us are available to record very difficult. We’re going to address this issue in the next series of podcasts once the season starts up.

b) Podcast Editing Sucks! To edit a 50-ish minute show it takes about 10-15 hours to edit down in real time… which is crazy. Sure, it’s nice to listen to a fun and/or intelligent conversation that is pristine without any “ummms”, “aaaands”, or stutters but it’s a painstaking process. Like the first problem above, we’re going to address this issue in the next series of podcasts once the season starts up.

We also want to look into sponsors for the podcast, which brings me to the next item…


After 2 solid years of basically completely ad-free content, we want to monetize the site a bit. That is NOT to say the site will be covered in annoying awful ads and take away from the experience, but to take the site to the next level (and pay for our hosting) we’re going to start some ad revenue.

Most of the ads will be pretty minor, but some might be more instrusive. An example of that is a sponsored ad running later today about Carlos Tevez and “weight loss”, but that is a rare case. We’d appreciate it if you click on the ads and help support the site.

New Features!

We want to hear from YOU. Please share your requests for any new series, posts, site features, or layout designs in the comments section below. Want to see a JuventiKNOWS Shop where you can buy shirts? Want a JuventiKNOWS Art Gallery with custom art wallpapers? Want a Juve Chants Series to learn about Juventus Soccer Chants? Let us know!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for #STTBS later this week, and hopefully a final word on the Ogbonna transfer.

ps: I heard Giaccherini might be leaving. Say it Ain’t so. :(

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