[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011


Hello, good afternoon and welcome to today’s second edition of STTBS (sorry Marco, I couldn’t resist) from your third different writer of the week! You know the score by now so without further ado, here’s all the news that’s fit to print:

Damn! There goes the narrative!


  • As alluded to in “Tuesday’s” column, Beppe Marotta was present last night to see Milos Krasic receive the ‘Castagna d’Oro’ and, given the quotes from the Serbian’s agent (“Conte no longer wants him and Milos needs to play, so the best thing we can do is to find a new team.”) the Director was inevitably asked about the players future. Rather than give a non-answer – as we all too often see in these cases – Marotta gave quite a stern response;

    I haven’t spoken to the lad’s agent, of course what he’s said has been strong. But we’ve spoken with Milos and there’s never been any hint of him being unsettled, so I deny that there’s an issue with Krasic. At the moment he’s not finding a place in the team but only because there are team-mates who are in better form. There are no problems with him, just as there aren’t with other players. When the transfer window opens, we’re willing to listen to any cases of unrest, but as it stands no-one’s come forward and asked to leave.

    Of course that won’t stop various wonderful news outlets from linking him with a move – they could even snip the “we’re willing to listen to any cases of unrest” line, use a ‘MAROTTA SAYS KRASIC CAN LEAVE’ headline but hence the existence of STTBS! You can stop reading your ‘news’ from those places!

  • Moving on, it was a good week all round for Juventus, not only did Antonio Conte‘s men get a big pink monkey off their back, the Youth Sector went undefeated too, and the latest edition of our Settore Giovanile series has all the details so be sure to give that a read.
  • Gazzetta dello Sport spoke to Parma President Tommaso Ghirardi this week and, among other topics, the return of Sebastian Giovinco to Juve was brought up. The Ducali chief was quick to remind everyone his club has a huge say in the players future, telling la Rosa; “It is assumed that by next July Giovinco will go back to Juventus, but the ownership is shared and Sebastian is very comfortable here at Parma. Sure, we’ll discuss it again, but for now there is nothing decided it yet.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: here’s a link to yesterday’s very late STtBS, in case you missed it.)

Lastly over on the Juventus.com official site, there are two eye-catching things worth your attention today.

The first is the always enjoyable ‘On this day’ feature. Normally we don’t highlight these on STTBS but today’s reminds us of 23 November 1980 and a 2-1 win over Inter, just the thing for putting a smile onto your hump-day faces! Adding to the feel good factor of that triumph is Gaetano Scirea being one of the goal scorers, never a bad thing surely?.

The other is a video montage of Stephan Lichtsteiner against Palermo, aptly entitled “lo Swiss Express” and which, it will surprise none of you to learn, features the right-back running. A lot. Enjoy!


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