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Lost Boys of JUVENTUS 2012 – Where Are They Now?

This post was guest-blogged by Laura “Dirtbunny” G.You can follow her on her blog, Dirtbunny.net or contact her on Twitter @Dirtbunny1.   Last January, before the winter mercato window closed, I wrote about the Missing Zebras, the players on the Bianconeri squad but somehow… not… on the squad… exactly. Let’s check in and see what’s …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Friday, April 27th, 2012

  We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for Breaking News!   Arturo “Captain Hook” Vidal is NOT on the transfer market! Yes, this is shocking folks. One of the best signings for Juventus last summer, one of the most in-form players this month, an integral part of one of the best midfields on the planet… …

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The Shoutbox – By Fans. For Fans. (Apr 9-15th)

The Shoutbox – By Fans, For Fans is your all-week open Juve-debate, no restrictions, no boundaries. Share what you want, say what you want, and face the diverse music of the global choir of Juventini! We want to hear your thoughts on all things Black & White! The idea behind The Shoutbox is that YOU …

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Palermo 0-2 Juventus: Bonucci, Quagliarella, and… Amauri Put Juve Back on Top!!

By all prediction accounts, this weekend should have been “ordinary administration” for Milan and a “dangerous slippery step” for Juventus. Few would have guessed it would turn out quite the other way, with the matchday potentially marking the season’s ‘turning point’ for the Bianconeri should they conserve their freshly re-acquired lead all the way to …

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Fiorentina 0-5 Juventus: Ladies & Gents, the FLOODGATES have OPENED!!

The game to end all frustrations. Chasing a victory which had been escaping them for four consecutive matches, and because of their bitter rivalry with La Viola, Fiorentina-Juventus was always going to be a heartfelt affair for the Bianconeri. Yet no one in Italy imagined it would quite develop the way it did. When Juve …

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Fiorentina vs. Juventus PREVIEW – Desperately/Aggressively Seeking Win…

One of Serie A’s most bitter rivalries returns this weekend, as Antonio Conte and his men travel down south to Firenze to take on old enemies. Much ink has already flown on what makes Fiorentina vs. Juventus just so damn special (you can check out the match’s full history in our October preview) but for …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

  Hello everyone. We’re back here at STTBS to take a look at the Juve news of late, discuss it, digest it, and hopefully dissect it from all the nonsense. It’s been an interesting last few weeks, full of refereeing controversies, draws, and lackluster offense, and Pogba has signed for Juventus approximately 37 times in …

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Juventus WINTER CALCIOMERCATO 2012 – Full Summary

Every year, club executives from all over the Italian league reunite at a hotel lobby in Milano, to discuss player transfers. Tis the wonderful world known as CALCIOMERCATO. A particularly fun version of it is the Winter Mercato, a condensed 28-day variant which can literally achieve mayhem levels when the proverbial “last day” arrives, as …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Tuesday, January 31st, 2012 – WINTER MERCATO SPECIAL

Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday. Lots of Juve stuff for you today! Juventus plays Parma later today, assuming the Icelandic conditions across northern Italy don’t cancel the game, and of course, today is the last day of the January mercato. So for that reason, we’ll be recapping the entire mercato for you. Who has been …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Thursday, January 26th, 2012

Amauri Signs for Fiorentina

  What a busy week! Juventus prepare for a mid-week fixture, Amauri leaves the club, Juve book a semi-final Coppa Italia spot, Amauri Signs for Fiorentina, Del Piero scores his first goal in Juventus Stadium, AMAURI LEAVES THE BUILDING. Yes it’s true, and while I’m sure you already knew all about this, I imagine for …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Monday, January 23rd, 2012

  Hello all, Marco here with the Monday edition of STTBS! Yes, Mondays suck for everyone (except if you’re unemployed, like Amauri, in which case weekdays & weekends are pretty much meaningless), but fortunately for you JuventiKnows is here to keep you company. So what’s on tap for today, you ask? Read on to find …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Thursday, January 19th, 2012

  I don’t know if Amauri is the kind of player who Fiorentina boss Delio Rossi is looking for, but I am sure that he is an animal in the penalty area! – Franco Colomba, former Parma boss, sings Amauri’s praises yesterday. YES the above is a real quote! Obviously Colomba and I have the …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

  Happy Wednesday, everyone. It’s hump day- only 2 more days until the weekend, and the return of Serie A. Hopefully with the return of European football next season for Juve, we’ll have less breaks between matches- one week at a time is always awfully hard to stomach, although I must say as a writer, …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Thursday, January 5th, 2012

  Happy Thursday everyone, though it may be Friday already for some of you out there. I’m back for some more STTBS, and the rumor mill keeps churning. At this rate, Juventus will have signed approximately 2 new teams (in Manchester City terms) by January 28th, which is still not when the mercato ends.   …

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