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[STTBS] Juventus News – Goals Galore, Conte Concepts, Marotta on Mercato, Del Piero on Tevez

Ciao, everyone! Time for a quick STTBS update on all things Juve. And what, exactly, is going on? Nothing but scoring, apparently. The Bianconeri are all but setting the tifosi on fire at their preseason camp at Val d’Aosta, dazzling them with endless running (what else is new), interesting flicks between strike partners and cheeky …

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Juventus First Team Loan & Co-Ownership Review 2012-13

Continuing our comprehensive look back at the event of the 2012-13 season, we bring you a look back at those players who were away on loan or co-ownership this past season but are still owned by the Bianconeri. With the co-ownership deadline set for June 20, many of these names may feature regularly in the …

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Bologna vs Juventus PREVIEW: Bianconeri Take on Rossoblu’ at the Dell’Ara

Today’s UEFA Champion’s League draw saw Juventus draw one of the two strongest clubs in the competition- Bayern Munich. The Bavarian club have been running away with the Bundesliga this season and have a stunning defensive record. Much of the talk this week has been about who we might draw, who we didn’t want to …

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Juventus 2012-13 SQUAD NUMBERS

With the Summer mercato now over, the Juventus Squad Numbers for the 2012-13 season are pretty much finalized until January 1, 2013. Though there have been a few changes compared to last year, nothing too noteworthy or too surprising from what we already discovered during pre-season. An interesting point: Juventus are historically known to use …

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The TROFEO BERLUSCONI: Sometimes When You Win, You Actually Lose

  Originally published on August 21, 2011 & updated with recent information AC Milan and Juventus contest the Trofeo Luigi Berlusconi this week-end, a trophy nobody wants to win. For fans new to the Italian game or unfamiliar with its traditions, here’s a look at the history of the trophy.   The Trofeo Berlusconi is …

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Lost Boys of JUVENTUS 2012 – Where Are They Now?

This post was guest-blogged by Laura “Dirtbunny” G.You can follow her on her blog, Dirtbunny.net or contact her on Twitter @Dirtbunny1.   Last January, before the winter mercato window closed, I wrote about the Missing Zebras, the players on the Bianconeri squad but somehow… not… on the squad… exactly. Let’s check in and see what’s …

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Stephan Lichtsteiner: The Right Man For The Job

The new Juventus Stadium had seen just fifteen minutes of official match play when, having had his own route to goal blocked by not one but two opposing players, Andrea Pirlo checked his run and almost without looking clipped a ball over the top of the static Parma backline. Floated perfectly, it dropped to the …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

  Well, that sucked. I don’t need to get too much into it, we have a full match review right here, but I’m not going to ignore it either. A lot of today’s news has headlines that read “Juventus Throw Away Title!”, “Buffon Ruins Season!”, “Juventus Stumble Re-Opens Title Race!” but I didn’t click on …

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Juventus 3-1 Catania: Bianconeri Overcome Elephants in Gripping Encounter

With both teams looking to reverse their recent negative trends (the Sicilians their poor away form, the Bianconeri a very bleak scoring record), Juventus vs. Catania looked very much like a ‘real’ match. That is certainly as much as ‘Elefanti’ coach Vincenzo Montella insisted on, and what transpired was a very open encounter with both …

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Juventus vs. Catania PREVIEW – Getting Back on Track by Beating Elephants…

On Saturday evening, Juventus host Catania for what would be a run-of-the-mill home game. Except… it isn’t (like games in the Serie A rarely are). Facing 14th placed Catania has become a sterner test than it needed to be over the last week. Mentally much more so than tactically. What a difference a few days …

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Juventus WINTER CALCIOMERCATO 2012 – Full Summary

Every year, club executives from all over the Italian league reunite at a hotel lobby in Milano, to discuss player transfers. Tis the wonderful world known as CALCIOMERCATO. A particularly fun version of it is the Winter Mercato, a condensed 28-day variant which can literally achieve mayhem levels when the proverbial “last day” arrives, as …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

  So here we are once again with another mid-week STTBS and, like Aaron yesterday, it’s my first of the year. That’s right today I get to spend time going through the Juventus-related stories doing the rounds in the papers and online, remove the nonsense (Marco Motta to Roma in exchange for David Pizarro? Is …

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[STTBS] Cronaca Juve – Friday, December 16th, 2011

  With Christmas barely a week away, the days are starting to fly by. Luckily we have TWO more matches to enjoy before Juventus go on Winter Break, with Sunday’s Novara Derby Clash and Wednesday’s trip to Udinese. There’s lots of news today, including a few great videos from Juventus.com so let’s get this party …

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COPPA ITALIA – Juventus vs. Bologna PREVIEW – Tim Cup begins with ‘Juve B’

Despite what Claudio Marchisio says, the Coppa Italia is not the UEFA Champions League. Save for sharing the same knockout format, the two are not equivalent in any way, shape, or form. That does not mean, however, that Juventus will have no motivation for the upcoming match. This is the Bianconeri’s first fixture of the …

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