The latest NEW Scandal: Calcioscommesse – The Shoutbox – By Fans. For Fans. (Jul 30-Aug 5)

After a short summer hiatus, The Shoutbox is back! The transfer window is wide open, and while the many rumors of buying / selling Mr. ________ fly through the media, the main topic on everyone’s mind is the latest scandal in Italian football.

We might post an article later on with background details on Calcioscommesse and how it may affect other Juventus players like Simone Pepe and Leonardo Bonucci, but as of today it seems that Antonio Conte will accept a three-month ban rather than try to prove his innocence as part of the match-fixing probe.

Conte has been charged with failing to report knowledge of attempts to allegedly fix two games while he was in charge of Siena and, while being cleared of sporting fraud, he faces charges that he was aware of the illegal circumstances surrounding the controversial fixtures against Novara and Albinoleffe.

There is a risk that if Conte tries but fails to clear his name he could be banned for seven months, so may opt for a plea bargain of a three-month ban and a €200,000 fine, forcing him to miss ten Serie A and three Champions League matches, returning to the bench for the Week 11 encounter against Inter.

Much like Batman in the second of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy – The Dark Knight – it seems that Conte may have to take the fall for ‘the greater good’ of the club, league, and season.


What do you think about this scandal and Conte’s plea bargain deal?

  1. Should Conte fight to clear his name and restore his innocence?
  2. Should Conte “play nice” and accept a reduced sentence?
  3. Is this all just another witch-hunt by the evil powers that be and their blatant anti-Juve agenda?
  4. Is this the worst birthday present ever? (Conte’s birthday is today July 31st)

Share your thoughts in the comments below! The Shoutbox is back and we want to hear you, so heed that bat-signal and:



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