The Shoutbox – By Fans. For Fans. (Apr 16-22nd)

The Shoutbox – By Fans, For Fans is your all-week open Juve-debate, no restrictions, no boundaries. Share what you want, say what you want, and face the diverse music of the global choir of Juventini! We want to hear your thoughts on all things Black & White! The idea behind The Shoutbox is that YOU direct the conversation. So bring it on!


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


After a bit of confusion surrounding the Serie A calendar, it’s Officially Official: next Sunday Juventus welcome Roma to the Turin for a second time this year (the Romans’ first Coppa visit didn’t end well for them…). This week’s Shoutbox asks YOU some questions:

  1. Juventus is favored but how confident are you for a Bianconeri victory?
  2. Who do you imagine will be the most dangerous Roma player?
  3. Who do you think is currently the worst Roma player?
  4. If Juventus could buy any player from the Giallorossi, who would be your pick?

Remember, The Shoutbox is all about YOUR comments.

You can talk about Roma, Milan, or even the Coachella Music Festival or the Catalina Wine Mixer (if you somehow manage to tie the last two topics to Juventus, you will obtain my lifelong admiration & respect).

So discuss whatever you want, but make sure to…



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