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Saturday was a GLORIOUS day for Juventini. A dominating display by the Bianconeri in their visit to Palermo (full match report here) was preceded by the unlikeliest of miracles, when the toothless and struggling Fiorentina managed to defeat tired defending champions AC Milan in their own backyard, setting up Juventus to leapfrog the league leaders into first place.

And who was the hero of that glorious day? The one and only AMAURI, bitches!

He will enter the fray in the 77th minute and like a maelstrom of fury he will descended upon the pitch, with vengeance in his heart and fire in his veins.

The mantle of glory will hang there amidst the turmoil and chaos of the hellish battlefield, and when the moment presents itself, Amauri will grasp it with his mighty hands and drape glory on his shoulders, triumphant.

Then the demons of hell will cry and wail, and their lamentations will be great but futile. For Amauri will return, and it will be glorious.

All shall hail the return of the king!


I had a surreal moment watching the Milan vs. Fiorentina match, as I was of course hoping La Viola would be able to trip up the Rossoneri, but not really expecting anything. When Amauri scored the match winner at the 89 minute I literally roared, as I honestly could not believe my eyes.

Amauri scored. Against Milan. Beating Milan!

I stood in my living room, yelling and cursing as three years’ worth of frustration and regret came crashing down on me mixed with the delight at seeing Amauri score, and Jesus the long-haired Brazilian seemed to hear me. It was almost as if he had broken the fourth wall: as I yelled at him and pointed my finger at my television screen, he too was yelling at me and pointing his finger at me. We shared a moment, and it was beautiful.

I’m thrilled Juventus are back in first place, and I’m overjoyed at the irony that Amauri made it possible. But just in case anyone is wondering: no, I don’t want Amauri back. ;)

What are your opinions on Amauri, or this weekend, or the title race in general?

And despite my apparent gushing over Amauri, The Shoutbox is never about one thing. Please rant or rave as you see fit, just as long as you:



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