The Shoutbox – Special ‘Grudge Week’ Edition – By Fans. For Fans. (Mar 19-25th)

The Shoutbox – By Fans, For Fans is your all-week open Juve-debate, no restrictions, no boundaries. Share what you want, say what you want, and face the diverse music of the global choir of Juventini! We want to hear your thoughts on all things Black & White! The idea behind The Shoutbox is that YOU direct the conversation. So bring it on!

Busy, busy, busy week! After the 5-0 demolition of Fiorentina Saturday, Juventus Stadium will host both teams from Milano in the same week.

Sunday the snakes come to visit as Juventus play the role of “warm and generous host” to welcome a bleeding and half-dead Inter Milan. Should be fun! But first up are an in-form and very strong AC Milan visiting Tuesday, for the second leg of the TIM Cup Coppa Italia Semi-Final. Juventus enter that fixture with a 2-1 advantage, thanks to one Mr. MARTIN CÁCERES

JuventiKNOWS.com will have a match preview and TeamEATS for the Inter match plus other great content throughout the week, but we won’t preview tomorrow’s Coppa Italia match this time.

Instead, we want to use The Shoutbox to hear your voice.

  1. Was the 5-0 K.O. of Fiorentina proof enough that Juventus are over their goal drought?
  2. Any Viola players you’d like to see at Juve next year? How about that guy Amauri? He did ok…
  3. Can anyone remember a more tense & exciting atmosphere surrounding a Coppa Italia match?
  4. What’s your preferred starting eleven and formation this week?
  5. Can you find Vidal in the club, bottle full of bub? (go Bonucci, it’s your birthday…)

Voice your opinions, your concerns, and your expectations!

RANTING is not only permitted, but highly recommended. Because here at The Shoutbox anything goes, as long you just…



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