VotD: ALESSANDRO DEL PIERO – Selected Reels of a Champion


SFIDE Documentary (2008):
[Italian Language]

Italian TV program Sfide retraces the career of a child prodigy who very soon became a champion, from his very first kicks in the backyard, to his debut with Padova, to the great successes with Juventus, Lippi, and the FIFA World Cup apotheosis in 2006. A fantastic documentary and rollercoaster of emotions, from the lows of Del Piero’s knee injury (and subsequent doldrums) at Udine to the heights of conquering, at long last, the Serie A capocannoniere title at 34 years of age.

Featuring interviews with those who knew him when he was still a child, those who knew him during his explosion, and those who knew him at the very top.

Alex’s First 250 GOALS for Juventus

While browsing YouTube compilations of Alessandro Del Piero online, I found myself wanting. How could you cover a man of such great integrity, personality, skill and talent in a 4-minute clip? There were videos showing a few great goals, a few skills on the ball, but none that showed what he was truly capable of.

Well, the video above shows Del Piero’s first 250 goals for Juventus (he stopped at 289).

It shows his tap-ins, his penalties, his simple goals, but also those brilliant curlers, the free kicks, and ruthless finishing he often displayed. It is far from a perfect way to highlight the man, but it’s a start.

The Last Farewell…

Alex Del Piero made his final Serie A appearance at Juve in a home match against Atalanta. Everyone was in a festive mood: Juve had just finished an unbeaten title run, the Nerazzurri celebrated a successful season well avoiding relegation… all that was left was the official Scudetto ceremony. That, and for Juventus Stadium (and the fans who loved him so much) to bid farewell to Alessandro Del Piero.

During the game, Ale made his mark with a fantastic shot from outside of the box, putting his Juve up by two. Then came the moment of his substitution, the last great homage to a great champion. What then transpired was magical.

The stadium rose to its feet. Atalanta players, the referee, the cameramen… all stopped to look and applaud Ale, as he stepped off his home pitch for one last time. In the ensuing 10 minutes, the entire stadium had eyes for one man and one man only, as he made an incredibly emotional lap of honor around the arena, picking up all the Juve scarves thrown at his feet :’)))

He IS Legend

It’s been several months since Alex Del Piero left our club, but still, it feels like yesterday. We might one day smile about Alex Del Piero, but no matter where you live in the world, America, Italy, or Indonesia, you know the feeling as a Juventino.

A part of us left us that day.


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