We Are The Champions! – The Shoutbox – By Fans. For Fans. (May 7-13)

The Shoutbox – By Fans, For Fans is your all-week open Juve-debate, no restrictions, no boundaries. Share what you want, say what you want, and face the diverse music of the global choir of Juventini! We want to hear your thoughts on all things Black & White! The idea behind The Shoutbox is that YOU direct the conversation. So bring it on!

Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!


Kool And The Gang – Celebrate Good Times


We want to hear your story from yesterday!

  1. Did you watch the Derby as well the Juve match?
  2. Who were you with?
  3. At what moment did you start celebrating?
  4. How did you celebrate post-match?

Be as verbose or succinct as you like (I prefer verbose) in the comments below and share your tale of yesterday’s glorious day of football when Juventus were crowned CHAMPIONS OF ITALY for the 30th time.

We want to hear you, so please:



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