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You are currently looking at what we hope will in time become the place to go to for Juve fans all over the world.

We will aim at bringing you the best digested news, the most relevant articles, top of the line opinion pieces and, most importantly, uniting the Juve faithful around the world that have been scattered for too long!

Here at JuventiKnows we want to provide this worldwide diaspora of Juventini with a quality site exclusively dedicated to Juventus – with original English-language content that offers insight, opinion and news that go well beyond what has been hitherto available.

But we need YOUR support! We sincerely hope that you will enjoy our content, share it with your friends and let the world in general know that there is ONE PLACE devoted ONLY to our beloved Juve – free of any official constraints, not driven by sensationalist hit-seeking, but developed and realised out of a simple passion for Our Club.

Forza Juve!

With love, faith and grinta,

Aaron, Adam, Lars, Marco and Michael

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